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Social class and dating

Having knowledge about the stratification may help man to adapt to the social surroundings and they may also have development of man’s average of living.It also result economic growth in a society and it leads to the achievement of a pleasant and secure society.This movement of one individual or group may either the increasing or descending movement from a class rank to another rank or change of a position that does not involve any actual changes of class rank in which it was unnoticeable.Some of the factors that affect the social mobility are level of economic expansion of one’s tally, industrialization and urbanization.Light coloring is correlated with intelligence and a light-skinned gorgeous person will be given advancement before his or her generation.Family position and association to patron are useful to achieve success.In our economic situation today, sending one’s children to the best schools is on the best indicators of social position and the best schools are private schools that are quite expensive. These are the chances to improve the lives of the lower class, because the upper class has more advantage to the resources that the society has.It also affects the style of living of the people in the society.

Through social mobility, we may also adapt new lifestyles, we can have new friends, and we may also leave from former place of residents.In fashion, the new trends and clothes of popular personality are in and what they are doing was imitated by the lower kind of person.Prestige in the society is also affected by this social stratification.Through this social stratification, men all over the society scatter discrimination and unfairness so that man will exert great effort in competing with others to move forward to the higher standard of living.They will exert effort to be known or to be popular to the public and to have a better life to get over to other.

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Sometimes, in a simple traffic violation, they usually involved the name of their known politician to escape the punishment that they should face.