Spies dating

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In the episode "Mime Your Own Business", Clover once downloaded one of her English essays off the internet.

In the episode "Spy Soccer", Clover mentioned that she is a part of the Fashion Victims Club, an organization that "provides charitable donations in the form of trendy clothes to the stylistically challenged".

Of the 3, Clover's the one who acts like the most typical teenage girl—obsessed with fashion, boys, and her appearance.

She is known to have had an abundance of boyfriends and will do anything to get a guy.

In almost all the episodes, while she is on a mission, she is always talking about a guy she wants to date or talking about an outfit she's going to wear on a date.

Ironically, when it comes to bad guys, she's usually the one who's transformed in some way, be it becoming a bodybuilder, a sumo, or even a human catgirl.

She was even dressed in a royal dress by a villain who wanted a consort to rule the world alongside him.

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Clover's style in the Season 1-2 was mostly capris and pants.