Ssis package variables not updating

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Ssis package variables not updating

I do like to set it to be Required which ensures it will be set in the SSIS Catalog before the package can be executed on the server.For deploying to other environments like Prod, where you may need to hand off the deployment to someone else, I typically make use of the ISDeployment Wizard tool instead. Once you've deployed your project to the SSIS Catalog, you'll be able to see it in SQL Server Management Studio.Modify any of the values if different on the server than were used in SSDT.At this point we have an SSIS environment available with variables specified that coincide with our parameters.And here's an example of how a source query in my data flow has been associated to the project parameters: Usually an SSIS project of any size ends up with at least a few project/package parameters, but it is possible that you don't have any.

They're also different from "regular" variables inside an SSIS package.

You might have to do this in a couple of places if the data flow splits off (like mine does in the screen shot).

Depending on what else changed, you may also need to 'click through' some of the pages of some transformations to update metadata (ex: a data type change), but the Resolve References functionality is a huge time-saver.

Next we want to create a new SSIS Environment (assuming it doesn't already exist).

Environments are usually called Dev, QA, Prod, that sort of thing, but they could of course be used differently in some situations.

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Since this date range would apply to multiple packages, I made these project-level parameters rather than at the package-level: Sidenote: in the real world, this generic name of "data extract..." would be too vague.

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