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SCOTT: Captain, you're not really bringing that thing in here? Besides, once it's aboard, it won't be taking any more shots at us. (What looks like a satellite - antenna at the top, engine at the bottom and flashing lights on the side - is hanging in mid air over the transporter pad.) KIRK: Sensor readings, Mister Spock. UHURA: Captain, we're getting a signal from the spacecraft. SPOCK: Intelligence does not necessarily require bulk, Mister Scott. UHURA: Nothing since their original distress call, sir. KIRK: What about the Federation science team working there? KIRK: This is Captain James Kirk of the USS Enterprise. They're sending us a mathematical message and requesting language equivalence. KIRK: Tie in the ship's translator to the communication channel.

Our instruments show only normal background radiation. Even the Symbalene blood burn does not act that swiftly.

(A bemused young Indian officer watches the performance.) SPOCK: Chart 14A, sir? (a diagram of our solar system comes up on a screen) Nomad, can you scan that? KIRK: This is our point of origin, the star we know as Sol.

The sterilisation procedure against your ship was unnecessary.

KIRK: We are from the United Federation of Planets.

KIRK: If we show it a close-up view of our system, it has no point of reference.

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NOMAD: My function is to probe for biological infestations, to destroy that which is not perfect.