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Stars in the sky dating bristol

This is predictable but complicated as they are superimposed on the stars behind them which are much further away.

As the moon orbits the earth we see more, or less of it illuminated by the sun.

The planets of our solar system orbit the sun in the same way that our planet earth does, but at different distances from it.

We therefore see the planets (and the sun) along a line called the Ecliptic, at different places in the sky depending on the time of year and time of night.

We take 365.25 days to orbit the sun, which is why we need a leap year every 4 years to catch up!

We have a slight tilt on our axis which is why we experience different daylengths in winter and summer and why the southern hemisphere is on average warmer than the northern hemisphere.

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We take 24hrs to spin on our axis, the angle of tilt varying the length of “day” or sun exposure as our area of the globe turns to face the sun.

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