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What was to prove to be the girls’ final secular album was released in 1992.‘What’ll You Do About Me’ is a vivacious up-tempo song written by Denis Linde.Radio had moved on to newer artists and was finished with Janie Fricke, no matter what kind of musical choices she made.“What Are You Doing Here With Me” is a very pretty ballad from the husband and wife songwriting team of Bill Rice and Mary Sharon Rice.‘Help Me Get Over You’, written by Lisa Angelle and Walt Aldridge is another ballad, delicately sad.‘Their Hearts Are Dancing’, written by Tony Haselden, is a sweet story of an elderly couple whose love has endured.Grade: B was another excellent slice of Americana flavored country (or possibly country-flavored Americana) from Buddy Miller.Brilliant musicianship, high quality songwriting, instinctively tasteful production and vocals which while not the smoothest are strongly emotional and sell the songs: what more could one ask for?

It would be Janie’s final single for Columbia Records. It’s tempting to point fingers at the label for choosing the wrong singles but even if they had made different choices, it likely would have made little difference.” “Walking On the Moon” is an upbeat tune about young love and was country enough to have had hit single potential.It is my favorite song on the album and likely would have been a hit if Janie had stumbled across it a few years earlier.“Love Is One of Those Words”, from the usually reliable songwriting team of Holly Dunn, Tom Shapiro and Chris Waters, is a rather lackluster synthesizer-heavy ballad that was completely out of step with the more traditional fare being offered on radio. The second single was the Dave Loggins composition “Give ‘em My Number” which is probably my least favorite single of Fricke’s career.It attempts to be bluesy and sassy, and while she skillfully pulled off that style a few years earlier with “Always Have, Always Will” this time around her performance seems forced and the song just does not work for her.

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While not to my taste musically, it is well performed and the lyric is nicely observed.