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Swiss culture and dating

The food in Switzerland is a potpourri of influences from various countries.It combines the cuisines of its neighbours and creates from them a local cuisine with local ingredients.Alpine folk music developed with the unwritten transfer of skills and compositions over generations, decades and even centuries.The oldest known Kuhreihen (rounds) are from Appenzell and were recorded in 1545.

The production of cheese in the summer enabled people to preserve milk and stockpile it for the long winter months.There were difficult moments - but time has never stood still.Today, 95% of Swiss watches are destined for export and the watch industry is a key export industry.It is worth noting that no additional police were needed for the maintenance of order, and the authority of the public address announcer was sufficient.At these multi-day festive occasions, athletic wrestlers, sturdy boulder throwers and strong Hornussen players gave of their best - all to the accompaniment of yodel choirs and accordion orchestras.

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The textile crafts industry also has an eventful past.

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