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Check out our epic guide explaining the key signs to look out for.) You can’t fix the whole if you ignore the small parts of it, which means you need to work on “Both partners need to learn to love (and trust) themselves enough to be able to approach the relationship from individual places of self-respect and personal integrity. The betrayer cannot complain about having to answer questions that might be uncomfortable.” It may sound excessive, but both of you need to do it. According to clinical psychologist Joseph Cilona: “Accountability and apologies only have the power to help repair trust if they are truthful, so being conscious of sincerity is essential, even if it requires admitting things that might be hurtful.” But remember, this is not a shortcut. Cilona says it’s just one step: “Although feigning accountability and remorse might be effective in the short-term, if there are truths being hidden that relate to the damage to trust, it’s not likely to last.” This isn’t going to work if one person remains stubborn. Parrot says: “Rather than being defensive, they need to set all that defensiveness aside and truly work at understanding the other person’s perspective.When you make a commitment to treat yourself with love and compassion and authentically trust your needs, you will not harm yourself or your partner by lying or cheating. If you’re both committed to forgiving each other, then you need to listen and understand each other. And that comes down to empathy.” Both of you need to come out of this understanding each other’s side. According to Cilona:*** Do you want to learn how to stand up to toxic people in your life?If the betrayal continues, then you know that the perpetrator has no intention of rebuilding trust.

This means that you stop ignoring that inner whisper and start listening to what you know in your heart and soul.” Put your emotional needs first and listen to what your instincts tell you. At one point, you’re going to start questioning your worth. It’s normal to want to take some of the blame yourself, but not if you weren’t the cause of the betrayal.

Because first of all, this If you’re committed to your relationship, you should equally be as committed to rebuilding the trust between the two of you.

If that means going through these five harrowing rituals, then you better get down to it.

According to bestselling author and psychologist, Margaret Paul, there are two parts to rebuilding trust: “Before you can even begin to trust your partner again, you first need to trust yourself — your inner knowledge of what’s right and wrong for you.

“We have all been blessed with two sources of knowing — our feelings and the wisdom that pops into our mind from our higher guidance.

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Vilhauer adds: “Self-forgiveness requires self-compassion and learning that, even with your flaws and vulnerabilities, you still have tremendous self-worth and deserve to be treated well.