Twin dating problems

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Twin dating problems

Taking the example of a group of 128 souls as above, the breakdown goes like this. The final division is when the last two is separated into twin souls.

As the breakdown proceeded from the total group of 128 down to the last twin, there is pain and suffering at every separation, until the last divide the pain is the most excruciating.

The numbers are dependent on the maturity of the souls and the main purpose of their journey.

The more mature or spiritually advanced they are the lesser number will be in the outburst.

There are many, many worlds in just as many universes.

This group of souls has decided to target planet earth.

From this point onwards, the Cro-magnons began the human journey in earnest.If the leader decides to be an orchid, the remaining soul mates would become the same type of orchid.From thence onwards, the whole group would grow spiritually by dying and being reborn into different types of vegetation, e.g. It is in this kingdom that we first learnt about death.However, as humans we may be dispersed thousands of miles away from our soul mates.And as soon as we meet any one in our soul group we instantly feel an attraction to the other.

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In the first incarnation, the group went into rocks as minerals.

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