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Introduction No-matter where you go as a foreigner there are going to be tricks, scams, and dangerous situations that you need to learn to avoid.I have described below the scams in Odessa, Ukraine that I am aware of and want to warn you that this is in no way intended to be a complete list.When you arrive in Odessa International Airport (ODS) you will be approached by taxi drivers in the terminal who want to give you a ride to your hotel.This ride will cost you 600-800 UAH (-30 USD) or really as much as they can get.I have sat with him at Mick O’Neills more times than I can count as John was living in Odessa during one of my longer trips.He also is not known as the kind of guy that would be indulging in prostitutes or any other obvious risky behavior.Muggings This sort of violent crime usual happens at night and is pretty strait forward.You will be walking in a dark area and be approached by a stranger with a knife or gun requesting your wallet and cell phone.

After speaking with some other American’s I learned that a common con is for these girls to invite a foreigner on a date and then order everything on the menu.

The only thing about John that was risky to his personal safety is being overly nice to a fault.

When I first met him I actually suspected he may be targeting me for something because of how interested he was in talking to me.

John was sitting there drinking tea and we chatted as I proceeded to have more to drink than I probably should have.

I mention this because John does not drink heavily.

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Being the upstanding citizen and friend that John is he quickly invited this man to sleep on his couch for a night.

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