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It offers some unique and fancy traditions to follow for your engagement and wedding ceremony.

In most cases, international couples get married in Ukraine, because your new wife would have to complete a process of obtaining all the documents needed for moving over to your country.

When the newlywed couple comes back from the church or city hall, they are to break off a piece of that bread (each in turn), dip it into salt and eat. It is white in color and usually, it is hand embroidered with flowers, birds or national symbols.

Ukrainian women are fantastic and gorgeous, and Ukraine culture is rich.

In some regions and villages, it may even last for 3 days.

People would go home and then gather up again, wish you well, drink to your health and celebrate to their heart’s content.

Mostly the marriage was arranged between two families by the parents.

So, the co-parents-in-law would go over to the bride’s house and betroth her.

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As you may see, traditional Ukrainian wedding has some nice parts to it and they are not hard to follow.

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