Ukrainian dating trips

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Ukrainian dating trips

After I moved to Kiev in 2014 not one of my friends from either the United Kingdom or USA believed me once I started sending them pictures of the most gorgeous Ukrainian women from either work, my social life or from the party scene.I remember hearing them say: Don’t you just love your friends?They always seem to pick out your physical flaws and discredit your dating accomplishments within one sentence!Oh well – To be honest, I could not even blame them.The army selected and deployed many Ukrainian men during the war.This resulted in a lot of casualties which as a result created a huge gap between the male to female ratio in the country.During this time I have dated dozens of Ukrainian women and after experiencing the Ukrainian culture up close and personal I decided to give you guys some important lessons when it comes to dating in an exotic country.Important (and free) lessons that will teach you how to successfully date Ukrainian women and have a blast doing so.

Even though I heard the stories about Eastern European women being the most beautiful women in the world, I had no idea what to expect on my first weekend out in Kiev.A lot of mothers lost their son’s, children lost their fathers and wives their husbands.But without the male financial support it was also very difficult to survive in this harsh environment. Unfortunate, due to the big difference in sex ratio the competition was very high.Tell her how great she looks when you first so each other.This way you acknowledge all the hard work she has done to look her best for this date. Second time in the middle of your date when she told you an interesting story or remark.

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