Updating an unlocked iphone to 2 2 dating someone with religious differences

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Updating an unlocked iphone to 2 2

Tap on Next and either confirm or enter your zip code. After that, you’ll be asked to choose a prepaid option, let T-Mobile know you accept the service plan, enter your payment information, choose a PIN, and label your new account.

At this point, you may get a notice saying that you’re choosing an uncertified cellular plan.

Any update we ship may not have been 100% planned ahead of time.

Sometimes they are mostly composed of ideas generated by the community that we thought would be worthwhile to fast track and ship sooner.

And if you want to have plans from two different carriers, your phone First, you will need to purchase a new e SIM account via the AT&T website, You’re going to need your device’s IMEI number (the unique number that identifies your specific phone).

To locate it, tap on Settings, then General, and then About.

Your phone also needs to be running i OS 12.1.1 or later.You can even have two different plans on the same phone — say, one for voice and messages and one for data.Three major vendors currently offer e SIM capabilities: AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile.To get going, you download the T-Mobile e SIM app from the App Store (assuming you don’t have it already) and choose T-Mobile e SIM from the home screen.Enter your email (if your email address is already being used for an existing T-Mobile plan, you’ll need a different address).

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Sometimes a single phone number isn’t enough — if you need to go abroad, for example, or need separate business and personal numbers, two is definitely better than one.

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