Updating honda navigation system dating a virgo

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The best course of action would be to contact an auto repair shop and have them replace the unit.Most commonly, it could be due to a failing alternator.Your choices under "Route" may include: route with or without stopovers, route list, route criteria and avoid route from here. Push the setup button to change the map scheme, orientation, intersection zoom, map type, map content, navigation information or altitude display; to delete last destinations; or to enter NAV start location, demo mode or version information.

Finally, re-install these cables in the reverse order to cure the issue.

A faulty navigation DVD control unit could cause the issue described that might need replaced to get fixed.

Normally, these parts are available in many auto parts stores as well as online.

Either call Honda or get the code online using the VIN and serial number of the vehicle.

In most cases, it may not be possible for a person to install a navigation unit in a vehicle that does not have one.

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It could be from a defective navigation antenna that may need to be replaced.

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