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Updating hp mediasmart server

It even explains how to hack the BIOS to drop in one of a small number of dual core processors that will work in this compact little machine.I took lots of photos to illustrate the processes and activities involved, so those interested in hacking their boxes will have my work to draw on as well as the excellent how-to video from .” I also compared and contrasted performance on the Intel NAS Performance Testing benchmarks for an EX475 with the stock 0.5 MB of RAM, plus 2.0 and 4.0 GB as well, and compared the stock Sempron 3400 CPU to a single-core LE-1640 and a dual-core BE-2350 CPU (all with 2.0 GB of RAM because that’s the memory size that maximizes the price-performance trade-off).I wouldn’t recommend buying one of these for this purpose unless you can get it cheap or just want to have a play.Especially as you can probably get a 4 bay QNAP box for a couple of hundred quid that has a warranty and stuff!The HP Media Servers work with both Windows and OS X machines, and provide for consolidated storage and access of a user’s media files.The update also adds some improvements for Mac user’s Time Machine backups. HP Media Smart servers start at 750GB for 9, and offer 1.5TB at 9.In the follow-up since finishing the article, I’ve been researching the drivers that work best for these AMD based units, and have learned that anywhere from two to as many as five of those drivers can safely be upgraded.Here’s a list of recommended drivers based on my tinkering to see which may be safely be installed on the EX470 and EX475 models.

The new software also adds the ability for the servers to convert videos (including unprotected DVD’s) into two separate formats: one high-resolution for playing on home devices, and a lower resolution for portable media players.

Users of the i Pod Touch and i Phone can download HP Media Smart Server i Stream application directly from the i Tunes App Store for free so they can stream the video to their devices.

This will enable users to watch video, look at pictures, and listen to their music streaming directly from the HP Media Smart Server.

This is really great to do, I was happy to find it was incredibly simple to get this all up and running. (for the EX495 feel free to take the 64-bit one Create a Bootable Disc or Bootable USB Drive from the ISO.

This probably works on the EX490 and earlier versions of the Media Smart server like the EX480 and EX485, but you need to test it. I’m using version 9 for this guide, so if you’re reading this far in the future and a new version is out that you can’t get working. I haven’t written a guide on this part, but if you are unsure just click the links and you’ll easily find a guide.

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At Faux Hammer we want to build a site dedicated to giving you the best of tools and techniques that will improve your hobby. If you like this article, please share it by simply clicking any of the social media links at the bottom of your screen (or on the left side for desktops & tablets). Updated on 27/04/14If you’re reading this you probably have an old Media Smart Server laying around your house somewhere that you’d like to repurpose into a NAS box.