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Updating photo on passport

The Passport Office have made it even more simple in recent years to apply for you passport from overseas so there's no need to renew your passport for this reason alone.

Some people have suggested that perhaps you might need a special passport for living abroad, this is a myth, and your current UK passport is all that you require.

If it is your first marriage, by law you are legally entitled to keep your maiden name on your passport (if you so wish), this can be handy if you plan to honeymoon straight after your ceremony and can save you a lot of time and hassle by keeping your current passport until your have more time on your hands or your passport is due to expire.

These kinds of changes would include things like major facial surgery, as this is likely to alter your faces key features, severe aging i.e.

If you apply by post you should fill in the payment slip found on the last page of the guidance notes.

You would be forgiven in thinking that you need to inform The Passport Office as this is one of the most important documents you hold, but unlike a driving licence your passport is connected to you as an individual and your address is not relevant to this document.

The only time you are ever asked about your address in connection to your passport is when you apply or renew your passport and this is simply because they need to know where to send your documents.

The DVLA and other ID issuers have very different requirements when updating their system as your driving licence and other documents are linked to you and your address.

The same applies if you are thinking of moving abroad or are currently living in another country.

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You can renew a passport if it's expired or will expire soon, this includes if you currently have a child passport.

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