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Updating pidgin

Also, it can enforce SSL connections (see 1093) - that means, if SSL connection will be unsuccessful, it won't fall back to plain-text mode.I have reduced differences with upstream version of libgadu to minimum, so following updates will be easier.

If plugins are distributed through the normal distro channels, they'll get updated along with Pidgin (and everything else on the system).Package constraints generally represent a dependency or a versioning issue.For all package update operations, either a new BE is created or a backup BE is created before applying the software updates to the running BE.Are those status changes sent by the client, or the server?Get the debug window output of a status message from Spark then please. There are those using spark clients that update properly in libpurple clients.

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and start tackling small tasks to get your C knowledge up. I guess it makes more sense to me on Windows since there are no distro channels for plugins to get updated through.

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