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For example, if you are currently teaching middle school history and want to pursue a teaching position as a high school history teacher, your objective might read, "A middle school teacher seeking teaching opportunities as a high school history teacher in New York City." If you're interested in advanced teaching positions, your objective could read, "A high school teacher with 20 years experience seeking a position as a lead teacher in XYZ district." When updating your resume, you should include your most relevant experience, keeping your target audience in mind.

For example, you should include past teaching positions in which you utilized skills that you will also use in the position you're seeking.

If you decide to apply for an open internal position, prepare a functional resume that stresses your qualifications and how you can fulfill the duties of the position.

Realize that even though you already work for the company, managers in different departments may not be familiar with your work.

According to De Paul University's Resume Guide for Teachers, you might also want to include appropriate teaching buzz words such as "team teaching," "critical thinking" and "cooperative learning" in your resume.

While an objective statement at the beginning of your resume isn't always necessary, if you want to take your teaching career in a new, specific direction, you might want to include one.

Get a Promotion Negotiation Professional Ethics Professionalism Dealing with Coworkers Dealing with Bosses Communication Skills Managing the Office Disabilities Harassment and Discrimination Unemployment Internal job openings pose new career opportunities for existing employees.Under each position you include in your "Experience" section on your resume, list bulleted accomplishment statements, indicating what you did when you held the position and the results of your actions.Even if you don't have a lot of teaching experience, your accomplishment statements can emphasize your capability for a position.Add a section for professional affiliations or activities if they relate to the position.Stress offices you held or projects for which you were responsible to underscore your leadership skills. Provide the name of the institution, attendance dates, degrees and your major.

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Ask for a copy of the job description and review all of the functions and responsibilities.

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