Updating the year on solaris bh200 updating software

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Updating the year on solaris

"If, however, you've still got some applications that haven't been certified yet for Solaris 11, you can migrate your entire Solaris 10 system into a branded zone on Solaris 11," Seymour said.He added that organizations can also migrate Solaris 10 zones to Solaris 10 branded zones on Solaris 11.That means installing Solaris 11 while still keeping the production copy of Solaris 10 running.

"It's a little bit difficult, but we have to adjust." The GE Capital data center currently runs on Solaris 10, but Gaur knows the time to migrate to Solaris 11 is coming.

Additionally, a newly added feature of the SR system allows admins to track the history of Solaris bugs.

Finally, My Oracle Support users can go to landing pages with loads of resources devoted to key Solaris features, such as the new Image Packaging System (IPS), Solaris Zones, the Zettabyte File System (ZFS), booting functions and security tools.

SAN FRANCISCO -- Many things have changed since Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems.

Just ask Vikas Gaur, a longtime Solaris operating system user and a Unix engineer at GE Capital, the financial services arm of General Electric Corp.

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For starters, Gaur used to be able to access free Solaris add-ons from the Sun Solve website.

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