Updating tomtom 300

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In future, your position will be found much faster, normally within a few seconds.

Everything on Tom Tom GO can be accomplished easily using just your finger on the touchscreen.

Personally, I'd just use it as an i Pod, I'd rather put them all on my Tom Tom as well as my i Pod; it saves money.I was not able to test this service because it doesn't work with my Treo 650 mobile phone. The Tom Tom GPS units are Mac compatible, which means that adding features or software updates can be done from a Mac instead of having to find a PC or boot into your XP partition of Boot Camp.Tom Tom Setup 1.0.4 allows you to install maps, voices and the application on your Tom Tom GO device from any Mac running Mac OS X 10.3 or later. Unplugging it from your cars power port, say to charge your phone, allows it to keep running and bringing it into the house to enter destinations doesn't require that you stay tethered to an electrical outlet. I never get lost with Garmin, but I've gotten lost once or twice with Tom Tom, but both are awesome! Your Tom Tom should have came with a USB cable that can attach to your computer. First, click on this link (from Tom Tom's support site) and follow the step-by-step instructions for installing Tom Tom Home software on your computer.

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Some time you don't have an exact street address and this is a an easy way to find your destination.

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