Updating web page without refreshing

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Updating web page without refreshing

The method is decorated with the `Child Action Only` attribute to indicate that it can only be called within a parent view, never as a standalone GET action.

Action("Address Type Partial", new )` As with the partial view for editing customer information, this GET method populates the data in the view model that supports the user interface.Instead, each form section of the view is composed of a partial view with its own view model.The Java Script represented by the ellipses above provides functionality for the drop-down lists and does not effect the Ajax functionality. The complete code can be seen in the example project on Git Hub..It's not production-ready from either the design or coding perspectives; it exists to illustrate the concepts discussed in this guide.More importantly, Entity Framework and the repository and MVVM design patterns are production-ready tools.

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With relatively little C#, a developer can create flexible, responsive user interface elements.

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