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Sometimes, Zone Alarm antivirus fails to uninstall when try to uninstall it from the control panel.

In this case, the question raises how to uninstall zone alarm antivirus from a computer? Zone Alarm have made a removal tool which removes the Zone Alarm antivirus from the computers completely.

Steps slightly may vary from version to version, but the method would be the same.

Read: How to uninstall a program from Windows Precaution & Tips: To remove any anti-virus from a computer, we suggest you to use its official removal tool.

After that, grab one of the win10 compatible installers linked above and run the install. After that, grab one of the win10 compatible installers linked above and run the install. You can download the win10 version from the following links: ​[Removed direct download links again] ​Zone Alarm - Professional Firewall, Antivirus Security Software Zone Alarm Pro Antivirus Firewall: ZA Free Firewall: Zone Alarm Pro: ZA Free Firewall AV: ZA Extreme: ZA Suite: If you upgrade gives you an error, save the following text to a file and execute it from an administrative command prompt: @Rem Check for Administrator privileges @NET SESSION &1 @If Error Level 1 Goto Need Privileges @If Not Error Level 0 Goto Need Privileges del %SYSTEMROOT%\system32\drivers\@Set ZA_INST_PATH=%Common Program Files(x86)% @If "%ZA_INST_PATH%"=="" @Set ZA_INST_PATH=%Common Program Files% @Set ZA_INST_PATH=%ZA_INST_PATH%\..\Check Point\Install @call "%ZA_INST_PATH%\Install.exe" /s uninstall exit /b 0 ---- This will launch the ZA uninstaller and remove the neutered version of ZA the win10 upgrade left behind. sky Hello guys, I have been using windows 10 TP build 9926 for about a week on my SP3. But there is one issue that is bothering me and I wanna go back to windows 8.1 due to that. But, to finish my question; is uninstall of Win 10 as simple as booting into Windows 7, then deleting the Windows 10 partition & re-acquiring that space...

After that, grab one of the win10 compatible installers linked above and run the install.

To uninstall Zone Alarm completely – First, you need to disable the automatic loading of Zone Alarm at startup.

If the Zone Alarm uninstaller did not work for you, then follow the Zone Alarm manual removal steps which are given below.

Had seen Zone Alarm advertised and recommended, so I downloaded.

Now I am being asked to upgrade it and seeing reports that it does not work for Windows 10.

A week later, the date is still telling me that the sub runs out shortly.

Zone Alarm begins to get edgy, putting up pop-ups to remind me to renew my sub.

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For the record, rather than waiting 48 hours for nothing to happen, this is how to tell Zone Alarm that you've renewed your license: Zone Alarm should now be showing the correct expiry date.