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Useful korean phrases dating

And because life is composed of yin and yang, there’s another Korean slang word that refers to employees’ tendency towards office escapism.It’s 월요병 , or “Monday sickness.” It’s the feeling you get when you’re faced with another week at the office. Ever met a woman who’s got everything: looks, brains, money? Korean mothers love to compare their own daughters with those of their friends.Basically, 막장 is used for a situation so patently outrageous or ridiculous it could only happen in a TV drama. But what about when your date was about as fun as going to the dentist? This is the Korean “TGIF.” Anybody who has worked for a living can relate to this one.Or when the supposed horror movie you saw had you sleeping instead of shouting? 불금 is the short version of 불타는 금요일 , or “Burning Friday.” It’s the yearning for the last day of work before the weekend, when one will finally be able to sleep in late after a night of 치맥 with coworkers and friends.(And it’s even worse if it’s your parents doing that at the dinner table!)This slang can also be used for something spooky, just like “goosebumps” in English is associated with something that gives you the chills—like hearing about the mysterious disappearance of the neighbor’s cat. Meaning “level 10,000,” this refers to a person who’s so good at something they’re on the nth level.In the case of more widespread slang, the in-group becomes most Korean natives engaged in conversation.This is the Korean you’ll hear in the streets, outside the textbooks and language labs.

Speaking of chicken, this expression literally means “chicken skin.”This expression is often a reaction to something cheesy—like when your couple friends publicly show affection and you’re their unwanted third wheel. People use it to prove they’re in the know, or that they belong. You’ve gotta talk to native speakers like you’re one of them. In all seriousness though, As you probably already know, slang is an informal category of words and phrases, often used by a specific group, like young people.Fluent U takes awesome real-world content from around the web—like music videos, movie trailers, vlogs and more—and turns them into personalized language lessons. This is the Korean equivalent of “BFF.”베프 is short for 베스트 프렌드 That Korean friend who always treats you for dinner and is a ready shoulder to cry on? Our next one is also related to the boyfriend/girlfriend concept. This is someone who has never had a boyfriend or girlfriend This is a shortcut for 모태 솔로 — beer), which is a perfect companion for those cold Seoul nights.We’ll include examples of slang you may hear blurted out by your favorite Korean actors and actresses, or in a Korean rap song. Your Korean friend says he’ll treat you for dinner? And if you’ve stepped foot in Korea within the last four years, you know how the chicken and beer combo has exploded onto the food scene.

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