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I am an FTM, post top-surgery, been on hormones for 2 years, and I'm looking for dates with either guys or girls, trans or not; anybody to date.

I'm not picky as to sexuality or gender, I'm more interested in personalities.

Go to where this already exists (SLC would be the obvious one), find out how they did it, and how you can do the same thing.

I am ready for a relationship with a nice gentleman but I’m not opposed to something more casual.

I'd like to find that beautiful type of relationship where life can be shared on a deeper level. Edad 41 Desde Lausanne, Switzerland En línea - Más de 2 semanas atrás TS/TV/TG Buscando TS/TV/TG (673 Kilómetros Lejos) I am a bitch for switzerland love all kind of games Edad 53 Desde Milano, Italy En línea - Más de 2 semanas atrás TS/TV/TG Buscando Pareja (725 Kilómetros Lejos) I'm a secret crossdresser who loves nylon stockings, garterbelt and high heels.

360° bisex, I like role play and satisfy both, wife and husband, with my fantasie brain and with a big surprise between my legs. ¡Únete gratis y busca entre los miles y miles de perfiles! Si te unes a nuestra comunidad, podremos encontrar entre todos nuestros miembros a aquellos con los que tienes más cosas en común.

GLBT activities and events are one of the BEST places to meet people who can, at least, lead you to OTHER people.

(Straight people don't have an equivalent to GLBT community centers as an option most of the time, so take full advantage of this real opportunity.) Check out whatever is available in your area (hikes...parades...community service projects...whatever) and start in wherever it seems easiest.

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