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Validating and empathizing

To make effective empathy statements, you need to channel the cornerstones of empathy in a chat session: clarification, validation, reassurance and appreciation. All empathy statements require authenticity to be effective.

It’s not enough to parrot the same empathy statements to customers without any consideration for the way they’re actually feeling, or appreciation for the problems they’re facing.

You can’t fully empathise with a customer unless you understand their problem.

Sometimes trying to show understanding can come across as pity, other times your responses sound robotic.

Your chatting customer has made an effort to speak to you and work out their issues.

When you thank your customer for getting in touch, you are recognising and empathising with the effort they’ve made. Saying thank you for reaching out is always positive.

This empathy statement explicitly tells the customer that you’re putting yourself in their shoes.

It requires you to identify the emotions of your chatting customer.

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Apologising when a customer has been upset is a great way to start mending the relationship, and demonstrates that you understand that they have been made to feel negatively about your business.

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