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Variable accommodating resistance training machines

Anyone experienced in the iron game can tell you that after a certain point, doing the same old thing will stop yielding results.

Most of the time, we then try to change a few details of our training plan, vainly hoping that will put us back on the gainz train. If you’ve spent some time under the bar, and aren’t making progress, then you need a change.

As you lift the bar further, the weight increases all the way to the top, where as normally it becomes easier as you complete the lift.

In scientific terms, you have to increase the acceleration on the weight from the beginning, or you won’t have enough velocity to complete the lift at the top, where it is really heavy.

In the photo above, he’s lifting roughly 425 lbs on the ground, and close to 550lbs at the top of the lift.

You might be skeptical about this method, after all it sounds good, but does it work?

One, I believe these athletes had some experience in the weight room but like most martial artists, they did not pursue a well structure program designed to increase maximal strength.

Essentially they were doing the types of routines that most Gold’s Gym members do, anything that pops in their brain.

Rest assured VRT will work for upper body training see this study.

In the squat both groups started at an average weight of 257 lbs.

In the control group their squat increased to 313 lbs, which is a great result.

Each group completed the same overall weight, in a 3 times per week protocol for 4 weeks.

The VRT group used about 20% of their weight in bands and chain.

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Read on, to learn how to implement them into your training plan.

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