Who is a rod dating

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Who is a rod dating

And that makes me sad, and in a way, proves right those who would say that upholding traditional morals is inherently homophobic, because it seems like people who say homosexuality is a sin do, in fact, hate, or at least, don’t care about, gay people. I would really like to see an article from you or another mainstream American Orthodox on just that, on the reality of violence against gays and homophobia in Orthodox lands.

What really struck me in your article was the line, “Orthodox clergy and laity must hold the line on moral and theological truth, but if they can’t condemn cruelty against gays, who are made in the image of God like every other human being, then they have no moral authority.” The Church really has lost its moral authority for so many people for so many reasons, and what do we do about that?

Thus, in a typical Orthodox country, what you are basically looking at is a large number of people who use the word “fags” to talk about gays and openly talk about how they should be killed, with a pretty small number of people who take the other extreme and just say homosexuality is totally acceptable morally.It was also the first time in my life that I heard anyone openly say “I hate gays.” And so that was just…a huge shock.Or another time, I think my third or fourth week here after arriving, I saw a huge mural on a wall and it said in the local language “We will exterminate the gays”.They are not just silent about violence against gays, they are pretty openly inciting it in some pretty prominent cases!What else are we to understand it to mean when we are told sodomy is worse than murder, and all of the woes of our country are caused by God cursing us because those fags are here, and we need to get rid of them? It also daily comes as a shock to me, as an American in an Orthodox country, how much people do feel the need to talk about gays and how awful they are.

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And then it occurred to me, that the extent of homophobia and violence against gays in most traditionally Orthodox countries is something American Orthodox are probably totally unaware of.

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