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The people that turn up at the events appear to be young girls almost exclusively, with a few child fans and a guy or two here and there. Of course gay men will stop liking Ackles if he comes out. As long he is considered straight gay men will ogle.They post the pictures they get the day after a convention. Silly me for thinking The Prancing Ponies were a unique phenomenon. Out he becomes as desirable as Lindsay Lohan's next Biopic.“Oh, he didn’t mean it that way;” or “Oh, it was just a joke;” or “Oh, you’re taking his comments too literally;” bullshit like that. I’m sorry but affecting a lispy high-pitched voice while ineffectually slapping at someone OVER AND OVER AND OVER, TIME AFTER TIME AFTER TIME, IN EVERY POSSIBLE CONTRIVED SITUATION isn’t funny. And, similarly, using the word “gay” or “pansy” as a derogatory adjective in interviews isn’t okay either.Those things are evidence of a belief, people, an attitude toward gays, and I’m sick of guys lusting over him.

Yes, it's incredible (read: scary) how invested people get, R27. Thirdly, he's not a republicunt, but I don't know about his wife.But I agree, wishing death to someone for calling out homophobia is nuts. Dear original poster: Perhaps you should do your due diligence before claiming these so called contributions Jensen/Stone Park has made to Romney, Prop 8 etc...It's not too difficult to look online at certain political contribution websites and see that your ARGUMENT IS FUCKING INVALID,.I don’t know what Ackles makes per episode, but word is that he clears 40k to 50k for an appearance at a “Supernatural” convention. On top of that, once he’s there he charges for meet-and-greets and photo ops, and it’s gays who are putting a lot of that money in his pocket. Then there’s no photo because he won’t pose with you.) Gays are also the ones glued to their tv sets each week, boosting his show’s ratings while they queer every gaze between him and his on-screen brother. I think it was done to sort of "butch it up" as you say and now he is stuck with it.[i]Idiots.[i/]This guy doesn’t even have the testicular fortitude of Sabrina the Teenage Witch! Those answers to questions they asked are probably decades old, during his soap days, when he was new in Hollywood. The blogger sounds way too stupid to be a 46 year old gay guy.

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