Wowjutsu not updating

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Wowjutsu not updating

We returned to Naxxramas on the second raid night, December 14th, drunk with ego and testosterone.Much of the success of the previous night had gone to the raiders' heads; it seemed as though the students had become the teachers as we began to tear the Military Quarter's trash apart.It was hard enough to wrap our heads around a brutal, 40-Man instance being watered down to this new 25-Man walk-in-the-park, but to liquefy its remains into a fine 10-Man paste seemed sacrilegious. The new deal for Wo W was "bring the player, not the class", so the Razuvious encounter had been simplified for 10s: two giant cylinders called "Obedience Crystals" stood outside the 10-Man Razuvious pit.How would you even accomplish the Razuvious encounter with only 10 players? The priest's mind-control mechanic was baked into the 10-Man encounter itself.On top of all this, Kel'Thuzad sent two crypt lords after us, forcing us to off-tank, getting our players out of harm's way.

The strategy alone was intimidating, never mind the unheard of tanking requirements. I considered it an accomplishment just to have six Warriors in the roster!Many moons past, this was a test few guilds could complete.A bewildering mixture of debuffs placed on the raid demanded that Vanilla guilds bring nothing less than eight fully geared Warrior tanks.I say tricky not due to difficulty, but due instead to the encounter being very buggy.Players in our raid would die from the Icebolt, giving us nothing to shield us from the intensity of Frost Breath.

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