Xbox video list not updating dating vcd

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Xbox video list not updating

Because of this I am unable to play any songs for long time.I tried installing other free music player app from store but most of them were just clones of default music player. EDITED I have edited the title because i have found out the reason why my Xbox music is not playing songs.You dont have to go to every folder where the music has not been discovered.Often, you just need to create one new directory to trigger the indexing and all other missing music is indexed.We created a full guide for getting the most out of 4K and HDR with your Xbox One X, but here are the basics: match and are just a few seconds away from a “chicken dinner” when your console completely shuts down.The screen is black, and you may not be able to turn the console back on.We’ve noticed this problem tends to occur when you haven’t played on your Xbox One X for a few weeks.In our experience, it isn’t caused by the Wi-Fi network, as our Play Station 4 and Switch both reconnected without issue after extended downtime.

Create a new folder at this location (keep it empty, you just have to create a new folder) on the PC, and then go up one folder.At this point the music app scans the paths again and now "finds" music that was earlier not indexed.I have tried this several times and have had 100% success rate.With a bit of luck i came across this app Quickplay, by far the app plays songs with out any glitch, the only problem is the advertisment and a paid folder navigation.The XBOX music app still have the problem with refreshing music index list which i think Microsoft will solve in there next update.

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For a full rundown of common problems on the standard Xbox One, check out our previous guide, but for problems specific to the Xbox One X, you have come to the right place.

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