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Yuppie dating

Yuppies are noted for their strong individualistic streak, and because many are upwardly mobile, some struggle with class issues, sometimes feeling embarrassed about their rise into the middle and upper classes.Others simply feel that the term has negative connotations, thanks to the lampooning of yuppies and their ilk in the media.The affluent lifestyle associated with the yuppie demographic includes well-appointed apartments or homes, nice cars, expensive food, and an assortment of luxury goods.Yuppies are also commonly conservative politically, and they are upwardly mobile, working hard to achieve the goal of rising within the class system.The term “yuppie” is derived from “young urban professional,” which just about sums up the major characteristics of the yuppie demographic.Marketers have been studying yuppies and their habits since the late 1960s, although the term “yuppie” wasn't coined until the 1980s.

But his message to me was honestly his hotel room # asking if I was spontaneous enough to meet up with him for a few hours.

It is common for yuppies to partner with other yuppies, thereby significantly increasing their purchasing power, and many do not have children, which means that they have a lot of disposable income.

As a result, yuppies are closely associated in the minds of many people with the acquisition of new toys, from fancy cars to the latest kitchen equipment.

It is common to see yuppies in up and coming neighborhoods, which sometimes causes community tensions, as urban gentrification typically displaces minorities and people in the lower classes.

Some people also resent the yuppie subversion of their culture and traditions, arguing that an influx of wealthy people into a community can change its character markedly.

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